game/chat rules strictly enforced


For your enjoyment and the safety of yourself and others on Lombard Bros. Gaming sites, please read carefully as we do strictly enforce our rules. 


If you are wanting to join a live stream for competition these live streams are not for you. If you are new to a game just let us know and we will be happy to assist. If you are an experienced gamer you are certainly welcome to join these sessions as well. All we ask of you is to help coach the ones who are trying to learn.


While Joseph Lombard (N2SC4R) and Zachary Lombard (MAGNUM05) continue to have their personal channels Lombard Bros. Gaming  opened our Twitch Live stream Gaming channel for Fan Participation. Since we are open to all ages and all skill levels we strictly enforce our gaming and chat session rules You will find we have many moderators on Lombard Bros. Gaming social media channels. Our moderators are gamer's volunteering to moderate so our fans can enjoy these sessions without feeling they are going to be bullied in any way. If our moderators are participating in the game they are also there to assist you in learning how to play and can also referee, if needed. If they are on the chat they are there to assist you as well. 

Our head moderator and business partner, Joyce Lombard aka LBG_BOSS_LADY, oversees these sessions from time to time. However, all of our hosts andmoderators have our full trust and they are authorized to make decisions based on the instructions they are given by owners of Lombard Bros. Gaming.


Depending of the severity of your failure to comply with the rules you could be banned on the first offense by any of the moderators. The only way to be unbanned Joyce (Lombard Bros. Gaming Head Moderator.

NO BULLY ZONE - Be respectful to everyone. We will not tolerate any form of bullying!

No Caps, Links, or Spamming. It could result in you being timed out.  (Lombard Bros. Gaming uses caps from time to time just to get host's attention during the game or to let gamers and people in the chat session receive special information or instructions - others not allowed)

No vulgar and/or offensive language

No Trolling or bullying. You will automatically be banned.

No Offensive, Racist, Political, Religious or Death Threat comments. You will be banned.

No Arguing. You will be timed out and issued a warning. Second issue will be a ban.

NO ADVERTISING YOUR GAMING CHANNELS! Unfortunately Lombard Bros. Gaming cannot endorse other channels from our business channel as we cannot validate these channels gaming practices.

NO POSTING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION WHETHER IT IS YOUR OWN or SOMEONE ELSE'S. While much of this information is public record we do not condone sharing any private information of a personal nature regardless of whether it is your own or someone else's as this is not a safe practice and will ot be tolerated. This includes names, addresses (whether it be whole or partial street # and name, city, state, or combination there of), phone numbers, birthdate, age, etc. Anyone violating the privacy of others can result in being permanently banned for all Lombard Bros. Gaming sites, no questions asked.

Respect our owners (Joseph and Zachary Lombard), our hosts, our moderators, and especially our fans!

We know it's a lot of rules but our goal is to have everyone be friendly to each other during live streams.

Thank you.


If you wear headphones, earbuds, or use anything which can magnify the sound be prepared for lots of fun "rage". You may want to lower the volume. That is left to Viewer discretion. :)  

Thank you

Lombard Bros. Gaming


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